Handbag with Beads

Handbag with Beads

Let's tie that's a nice handbag:

01 (356x450, 59Kb)

We need: 50g cotton, beads, nickel-plated frame for handbags, chain, two rings.

The general scheme:

02 (217x344, 16Kb)

The diagram shows the subtraction of:

03 (537x174, 28Kb)

Before knitting dial beads on a string. Bag is knitted art. b / n, every 4th row to get involved through a column of beads. To do this, when knitting art. w / o doing the following - pulling the loop, push up the bead to the hook provyazyvayut both loops. Beads will be provided with the wrong side of the series.

Link the two halves of the bag, sew, sew frame vdet rings and chain.

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