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beautiful embroidery stitch

Bordado con Cintas

Roza.Vyshivka ribbons.

Author MC:  Marina

 So, what we need: fabric for embroidery (I flax), a needle with a wide eye, a common sewing needle with a simple thread, thick needle (to correct tape), tape yourself (for this rose potrebutsya tape, 13 mm wide) and scissors, hoop.

 To begin with, to fill the tape in the tape length iglu.Otrezaem inches diagonally 40.Srez do to make it easier to thread the needle in the tape

little stretch tape and stick the needle tip, departing from the edge of a centimeter

like this obrazom.Zatem stretch the tape as a tightening noose

tape is securely fixed in the eye of the needle.

 After, take the free tip of the strip and bend it for about 1 centimeter 

 pierce the needle

and extend a needle with a ribbon through the bent tip lenty.U we got instead of the usual tie-knot, which we do on the tip of the thread.

 Put off to the side until the needle with our seasoned band.

 We turn to the most rozochke.Vyshivka it will happen in three stages.
1) We need to make the central part of the rozy.Dlya cut off a small piece of tape (preferably a shade darker than the main part is embroidered with roses), and make the volume rose.
Wrap the left edge of the tape downwards angle 90 degrees.

Oborochivaem folded edge, forming the so-called trubochku.Nizhny edge of the tube with a thread locking stitches in color ribbon (pictured contrasting thread for clarity)

further, it is necessary to bend the ribbon at an angle outward from the flower so that the top edge of the tape appeared at the bottom, and make a full circle around the tube (core). Fix the coil at the base through all the layers of tape.

Once again, turn down the tape down and make a new vitok.Tak so many turns, much as you want.) Main consolidate all the turns ordinary nityu.Zakreplyaem thread, cut it and lentu.Poluchaetsya is about the rosette

2) In the second stage to sew our rosettes conventional filament fabric

Now, stepping back a couple of millimeters from the small rosettes-serdtsevinki, take our needle with a belt and tucked by piercing the fabric with the wrong side, pulling the needle on the front, fully pulling the tape

stepping back a few millimeters from the place where the needle came out, I stick it in a tissue and stretch down
forming a loop

helping to shape a needle lepestok.Vot that should be obtained

Then embroider petals around serdtsevinki

 and here is the result that

3) The third stage begins in the same way as vtoroy.Prokalyvaem fabric inside out, back off a bit from the first row of rose petals on top, pulling the needle with tape on the front and embroider storononu 3-4 petal same eyelets

further to rosette looked as if lying on your side, do a little more lepestochki.Vytyagivaem tape on the front side, fluff, do loop

embroider and stitch with a curl, that is grinding away on top of the needle tape, stretch it down and tightening, form the curl.

Thus closes the second row lepestochkov.Ya think in the process you will understand how to do the petals to Rose looked more estestvenno.Chem more you do the loop, the petals will look more magnificent, and rose obemnee.Lepestochki should try to embroider lying closer to each other.
Fix the tape from the inside out nityu.Obrezaem common thread and tape.

 Rose was such a

 And looks almost ready to work

 Good luck with your work, dear mistress!

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