Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stitching and flower-shaped pillow

2.Cut paper shapes of four. I just eyeballed them. Then sew the sheets together along the outside edges of the veins and add leaves sewn. (You can also just hot glue the edges and draw the veins on the canvas or paint with markers.)

3.In addition to a closed pillow stuffing and stitch (or glue) in the opening. Then use the scissors to trim the edges of the pillow and crackling leaves a bit to make it more decorative (optional).
4. Using hot glue, attach the leaves to the edge of your pillow.

Everything is sewn.

Are "pinked" edges, and attached to the leaves.

5.Cut a handful of petals. Again, I just eyeballed form the petal-like. Can you make it wider / narrower / more rounded / More specifically, etc. Depending on what you want your flower to look like. I made in two sizes, the largest single outer petals, a smaller one about as close to the center.
I actually cut and uses a lot, and maybe 50-60 or so.

6.Starting from the outer ring, start pasting the bottom of your petals. I found it worked best to put a line of glue along the bottom of the petals to clinch the center to give it a little dimension, then connect it.

Line of hot glue.

Pinching the center to give the petal dimension.

Connecting outer row of petals.

7.Once in the outer row complete, start working on the next episode of the petals. I added an additional drop of hot glue on each petal to help keep them down and cover the line where it was attached to the first episode of the petals.

Use additional drop of glue on the inner rings of petals.

Working in the next row of petals.

8.So keep adding flower petals have complete. I have used the petals larger outer two rows, a mix of large and small for the next row, and all the small petals for the internal row.

Almost done!
9.Cut some circles to create the center of the flower sector. (I was crackling sheers again). Each circle, and add a bit of hot glue in the middle and Isaac on the formation of a little ruffle Y shape and attach them to the center of your flower to fill it.

My circles. They do not have to be cut precisely.

"Ruffles LG circles and attach them to form the center of the flower