Crochet shoes

Looking at Osinka miracles, I somehow did not think my shoes - it's something unusual :) But it turned out that many of them are interested. So I decided to still write a more detailed master class. True photographs during the operation did not do - knitting at night and even during a pedicure :) So basically there will be words. If you can make up my mind once again on this - UPDATE)

So, I needed to work:
  • 90 grams (one skein and that not all) of thread YarnArt Pearl (color purple, 115)
  • Hook N 3,5
  • Cobbler's awl (with a hole in it or hook at the sharp end)
  • Clay Moment-crystal or Second - in general any clear.
  • Ickusstvennoy suede shoes from (it does not shine on it and less glide lines).

First, the usual awl done (husband helped) hole in kozhzamom shoes, no farther than half a centimeter from the base. A better way would make the hole as often as possible, but we were at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other and the problem was solved gaps when I first came up with a knit row down. 

Later these holes stretched string - the same one which knitting. At the toe that was harder to do. Mainly for the toe and an awl to shoemaking. In other places you can just flash a thick needle. The ends of the thread brought out, they can tuck into knitting, and inside can interfere. How are the holes from the inside (inside they are up against and can not be seen, if not fold it so much) received stitches, bind sc, and filled the gaps between the stitches of the chain of air loops - the number of looked from a distance. And the beginning of knitting specially made ​​in the middle of the inside of the shoes - this is the most inconspicuous place shoes and there best to hide the transitions to the next row. imposed on the resulting series still sc. And this number dropped down - he closed the transition to the sole.

Turn away the bottom row

And again in the same warp and in the air loop knit series of columns with trebles. But not until the end - in front tied associated previously part of the ribbon lace. 
This part of the scheme was knitting lace ribbon:

 I It is composed of a ring and two semicircles in one direction or the other.
Added in Photoshop for the MC, as well as knitting just on a whim - such as the toe of the triangular

Attaching this item to the toe realized to what place should dovyazat columns with trebles and annexed after the last column of the item to the series. Knit columns with no trebles and as required by item of lace and continued columns with trebles on the other hand shoes. Continue knitting is no longer in a circle, and from the right side to the left lace. So changing the columns with the trebles and without, to be back in the last row of lace knit peak of the three loops. It turns shoes knit ladder. The latter series has turned down on the heel. pictured ladder can be dismantled and replaced with columns and no trebles. This is just the inside of the shoes, the most imperceptible: If something happened somewhere uneven - no big deal :) At the end of the fixing and cutting off all the threads, I pulled the belt so that the number of pico played for top shoes and missed glue top shoes taped knitted fabric.

Here are photos that can be viewed in the large size, if anyone should like to knit.

Crochet Tunic "pineapple"