Pattern with surround FLOWERS

Pattern with bulk flowers made ​​crochet knitting warm shawl or a scarf. Knitted fabric, made ​​under the scheme of knitting, different volume and splendor, this is achieved by knitting the pattern of flowers magnificent columns . Knitting shawls good fit thin yarn mohair or angora (100gr/500m). Then see detailed master class on knitting this pattern.

, Dial the chain of the 5 temperature. hinges and lock it in the ring. From this ring vyvyazyvayut 4 groups of 4 columns with trebles, separated with 2 vozd.petlyami.After finishing last grupu columns, knit 3 temperature. lifting loops and knit from the first arochki of 2 vozd.petel 2 groups of 4 columns with trebles. Further, the corners always knit group of 2 x 4 columns. Knit mesh scheme.
 Pattern of flowers done in two rows in the first row of the lower lobe 4 provyazyvayut group lush columns in the second row from the center of the petals are knitted top 2 lush column.

 In the 3rd row of columns running the 2 groups, 2 temperature. Loop, Art. s / n, begin to knit the first flower. Pulling the loop, do yo, once again grab the thread and pull the loop so repeat 4-5 times. Then grab the yarn and knit all yo, without fixing a magnificent column.

Knitting magnificent second column do yo, hook type in a column of the previous row, grab the working yarn and crochet pull the first loop, so repeat 4-5 times. Then knit all sts magnificent column, leaving a loop on the hook lush previous column.

Make a yarn over knitting lush third column, type the hook with the next column of the previous row and pull the loop.

When work measures a magnificent third column, is 3 loops on the hook. Grab the working yarn and pull the loop through all 3 loops for the 4th of lush column. Then make yarn over and pull another loop through the Knit 3 sts, so pull out the 4-5 loop, grab the working yarn knit all elongated loop and attach a magnificent column by making one air loop.

Then knit the scheme provyazyvaya in the following series of Art. s / n from the top of the lower column of a lush, 2 temperature. loop, art s / n of the next column and the top of a lush pull loop for knitting the next group of magnificent columns.

The next row finishing knitting pattern element flower, lush provyazyvaya 2 column from the center of the lush columns preceding column.

Each ryazhu make adding one flower and continue knitting until the scarf reaches the desired size.

Lovely crochet doily